Addition and Subtraction

Hi there friends! Its only 7pm but I am already lounging in my PJs. There's just something about Sunday nights that make me oh so lazy. So, with my pint of Ben and Jerry's in hand I shall share what we've been doing with addition and subtraction lately.

We started out several weeks ago playing this fun little game to build the fluency of facts within 5. I gave each pair of students 5 pom poms.

 The students took turns "hiding" some of the pom poms while their partner had to figure out how many were missing. I loved observing my students during this activity as I was able to notice the strategies they used for figuring out how many were missing. Some students used their fingers, some tapped the rug, and others were definitely imagining a 5 frame in their heads.  

This past week we have been acting out addition and subtraction stories. I introduced them whole group during math meeting and then began working with our math story mats during small group. Some of my little scholars were still getting confused between add/plus/put together and subtract/minus/take-away. I wanted a quick way to check for understanding so I came up with these little goodies...

As my little scholars listen to the addition and subtraction story, they listen for words that tell them if we're going to be adding or subtracting. Before they "act it out" they use their addition/subtraction stick to show me which sign they'll be using. I found this was especially helpful when writing the equations because they had already identified which sign they'd be using before even beginning! 

I found this fabulous video by none other than Mr. Harry...check it out! 

I will upload the addition/subtraction sticks to TpT tomorrow...its taking FOREVER to load now and if I sit at this computer any longer I will finish this pint of Ben & Jerry's! 

Be back tomorrow! :)

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