First Days of School Tip: Use a Flashlight

Don't Start School Without a Flashlight

The first days and weeks of school can be hectic! Use this tip to get your little scholars acquainted with their new classroom. After you introduce new areas of the classroom, check for understanding by turning out the lights and giving one of your little scholars a flashlight. Ask them to shine the light on various places in the classroom. It's a fun way to get acquainted to their new surroundings!

Here are some ideas:
-Where do you sit on the rug?
-Where is your chair?
-Where do you hang up your backpack?
-Where do we start to line up?
-Where do you put trash?
-Where do you get a pencil if you need one?

What else can you spotlight in your classroom?

Use a flashlight to help your students get acquainted with their new classroom.

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