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Hi there friends! Its been a while but I wanted to pop in to share what we've been up to. Aside from finishing up my National Board portfolio, leading professional development for 1st and 2nd year teachers and trying to figure out where I'm going to be teaching next year (more on that later!), things are going well! I have every single Writer's Workshop packet from Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump and let me tell you...they are the best money I have ever spent! They have been such a fabulous resource. Writer's Workshop time has become MY favorite time of the day. I wanted to share some of the work my little scholars have done lately. The majority of my students began kindergarten knowing few letters, if any at all, and many couldn't hold a pencil. It's only February and look at the growth they have made!

"I went tot he park and a fire ant bit me."
This little sweetie had never been to school before and knew not a single letter or number on the first day of school. Do you see the kiddo on the slide in her illustration? LOVE it! 

"My birthday is fixin' to come up and I'm fixin' to be 6 years old."
Can you tell that I teach in the south?

One of my favorite components of Writer's Workshop is sharing our work. Like all little ones, my little scholars are SO PROUD of their work and beg to share every day. While I would LOVE to spend all day writing, y'all know how much we've got to cover so I came up with these nifty cards to keep things rolling. I hand them to 6 students during Writer's Workshop conference time and only students with the card get to share when we gather on the rug. We have a saying in our class, "You get what you get, and you don't get upset!" and every few days or so everyone will have a chance to share.

You can grab the cards [HERE] for free! 

Now tell me...what are some of your Writer's Workshop must-haves? 

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  1. So I was just reading your other post about your mom doing clipart, really cute by the way, and noticed that you where from Cali.

    I am from MS. Did you move for Cali to MS?

    Do you love it?
    Pocket Full of Kinders


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