Practice Letter Recognition with a Letter Box

Letter Box Activity

I'm always looking to for fun, purposeful activities to use when I have a few extra minutes! This activity includes music, movement, and letter recognition. Fill a box, bag, or any container you can find with letters. I used these felt letters I got from Target but you can use magnetic letters, letter tiles, or just write letters on small pieces of paper. Have your little scholars sit or stand in a circle and pass the box of letters around as they sing the song. The child with the box of letters at the end of the song will choose a letter, show it to their classmates, and name it. You can repeat this as much as time allows!

Ways to Modify This Activity

  • Have your little scholars produce the letter sound 
  • Put numbers in the box instead of letters
  • If you're using die cuts or magnetic letters, ask your little scholars to close their eyes, feel the letter, then name it 

You can find lots more alphabet activities here. 

Download the free song and letter card printables here. Join the conversation in the Teaching the Littlest Scholars Facebook group

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