New Toy!

I came home today to My BF surprised me with an iPad for my birthday! My birthday is in June but he thought I could use it now (um, yes!) I ask you dear friends, what are the apps, tricks, and tips that I need to about?

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  1. Jessica, Hurrah! Okay, I have now used an iPad for 3 days, but I LOVE ShowMe for my kiddos. It is easy to use and the results are amazing! Plus it is free. I used it to record my kiddos solving math problems. It turns your iPad into a whiteboard and records the writing PLUS the audio.

    I have NO ideas yet about apps for personal use.

    I am clicking on "subscribe by email" so I can find out what others recommend!!!

    An Open Door

  2. WOOHOO! HURRAY!! AWESOME!!! Well, Happy EARLY Birthday, Jessica!!! I'm THRILLED for you...that is a FANTASTIC gift! I just got an iPad for Christmas and I'm SO glad you asked this question! I know there is alot I can and should be doing with mine in my classroom, but with trying to get everything else accomplished, I haven't had time to investigate apps and learn more about what this amazing little device can do for me as a teacher. I am definitely going to check out the ShowMe app that Camille recommended (thanks, Camille!) and I'm now following you by e-mail so I can make sure to find out what others are doing with their iPads!

    Happy EARLY Birthday!!!

    Roni Oliver/Kindergarten Teacher/Indiana


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