Cracked Up! [Freebie]

Happy Friday y'all! It was a wild week at school and I feel like its only going to get crazier as summer approaches. Only 8 weeks left! I had a box of Thin Mint cookies mysteriously vanish from my desk this week and we've yet to find the culprit. I tried the "be honest and you won't be in trouble approach", the "do I need to bring the school police officer in here?" approach and nothing worked. I went without my coveted Thin Mints and one of my little friends was very full from eating my entire box.

Moving on... In celebration of spring, beautiful weather, and my 4 day weekend for Easter and ...I've got a freebie to share. I had a request to make a sight word game for Easter like the Leprechaun's Gold game I posted for St. Patrick's Day, so of course I did! I've included Dolch Pre-Primer, Primer, and First word lists. Its played similar to "Boom!" or "Bang!" or whatever you may call it in your class. Just click the picture below to grab it from my TPT store. 

While I walked out of the kitchen to print the game, my sweet little Jackson found himself a delicious snack. I came back to pink Fun Dip sugar everywhere and here he is...caught pink pawed! At least it matches his pink harness (but that's a whole nother story)...

TGIF y'all!

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