Giveaway Winners!

Well...I said I'd post the winners at 6am but who was I kidding? I am feverishly running around my house trying to figure out what to wear, what to have for breakfast, and what I need to lug back to school at 6am. Can't blog from school because blogger is blocked and I just got home from school because we had our Kindergarten Family Night tonight. Our team planned Dr. Seuss-y activities and set up stations for the kiddos. We planned activities that required their parental help so it was great to see them all working together! 

Anyway, I managed to snap some pictures of our Spring Stations today...
Tally mark puzzles were a hit!

Sweet Spring Spin and Graph. Anyone else's paperclips come flying off? Tempted to just buy some spinners....

Cracked eggs alll over my floor!

Now, on to the giveaway winners... I could log on to and do the random number generator 5 times and then make a fancy post about all those who won and copy and paste their comments and then be really sad about the people who didn't win, but I just worked a 13 hour day and I am exhausted. So, everyone who commented and left their email address (by the time this posts) gets my Spring Math and Literacy Station Packet! I know y'all are going to be so elated that you'll blog about it, go and like my TPT store, follow my blog, and tell all your teacher friends! ;)

Off to cuddle with my fur babies...I'll leave you with this picture my BF took while out with one of our pups, Jackson, on the river this weekend. Isn't he just presh?

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  1. Jessica,
    It looks like you are using a brad to fasten your paper clip to the spinner. If so, I have an alternative for you. I give my students a paper clip and a pencil. They place the paper clip on the spinner and put the pencil where the hole in the middle of the spinner should be (but I don't make holes). Then they spin the paper clip and the pencil they are holding holds the paper clip in place. If you haven't tried this, do! The best part is, you no longer have to make spinners!
    An Open Door

  2. Received your email! Thank you so much!

  3. Jackson is so cute! I too use the pencil/paper clip seems to work better! Am I too late for "winning" your cute Spring Packet? Love your blog.



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