July Already?!

Where oh where has the summer gone? I cannot believe I only have one month left then it is back to school I go! To make the most of this last bit of summer, we're headed on a road trip back home to California on Wednesday. I've got lots to check off the to-do list in the meantime but wanted to pop in to link up with Farley today!

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My sweet Duncan is sleeping next to me and my does this pup snore! I'm loving that we're headed on our road trip to California on Wednesday...call us crazy but we're bringing our dogs along for the ride! We even bought them seatbelts for the car. Yes, we are those people :) 

 photo Jacksonpacking.jpg
Jackson trying to help me pack!

As for my blogging tips....it took me so long to begin this blog because I wanted everything I wrote to be absolutely perfect. My fear of making a mistake and not being perfect stopped me from even starting in the first place! I've learned to just be genuine (flaws and all!) and blogging has become so much fun! Just remember to keep it real :) 

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  1. I'm one of "those" people too :) I take my dogs with me & have only done road trips just so I can take my babies along. Have fun in CA & enjoy your summer!

  2. Seriously- an extra month would be lovely, right? Our cat is crazy otherwise we would love to travel with her. Pets are family!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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