Pinterest Obsessed and DIY Space Man Spacer

Anyone else completely and totally obsessed with pinterest? I have been on a cooking and baking spree today...I made these

and these

and these

and while I was pinning my heart out, I came across this little goodie!

Well, I'm a perfectionist with a capital P so I wasn't too keen on the idea of hand writing and drawing on the popsicle sticks. (Although yours turned out great, Kristin!) I found some perfect clip art with diverse little astronaut kiddos and stuck them on the end of a jumbo craft stick. I then printed some labels and voila! 

I'll post all the goodies to make these yourself when I get home from work tomorrow...not at all excited about being the only teacher in America that has to be at work! To top it off, kiddos have a minimum day and I have to lead a professional development session on the Common Core Math Standards. I plan to bring all my baked goodies so at the very least the other teachers can say my treats were delicious! 

Enjoy your day of sleeping in and PJs all day!

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  1. The oreo truffles are so good!! Wish I was going to your inservice!
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  2. oh my!!
    I've made the oreo truffles before....Oh my!! lol

    And those spacemen are CUTE!!

  3. Hey do you have the printables to make the writing spacemen?!


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