Santa's Personal Message to My Class!

Just popping in to share the most fabulous thing with y'all!  I've been in Nashville for the past couple of days visiting with my boyfriend's family for the Thanksgiving holiday. We were walking around downtown yesterday and I saw some news vans and an ENORMOUS semi-truck. After begging the BF to walk with me to check it out...guess what we see! The Capitol Christmas Tree on its way to Washington D.C. The tree's entourage included none other than Santa and Mrs. Clause! I managed to get a picture with Santa and I was excited to show my kiddos at school on Monday. I told him I was a kindergarten teacher and then Santa offered to record a message for my kiddos. I'm hoping this personal message from Santa Clause himself might curb some of the crazy Christmastime behavior! You better believe I am playing this baby 
Enjoy :)

We're off the the mall to get a picture of our pups with Santa. Yes, we are THOSE people! ;) 

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  1. Wow! That is so awesome! Your kids will for sure remember that for years! So cute! Happy Thanksgiving!


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