Update....It's a long one!

My oh my friends,  it's been a while. We only have 16 days of school left so we are busy with all the end of the year fun. My kiddos were assessed on DIBELS last week and we'll begin the math summative assessment next week. With all this assessment going on, my kiddos have a lot more independent time so I've been creating activities for them to review all the skills they've learned this year.
The Sandy Syllables sort that we completed together.

The Sandy Syllables book they completed independently.

We counted the sounds in words and sorted them by number of sounds. 

My kiddos completed their own sound count book independently. 

They measured using non-standard units of measure....beach balls!

 They worked more with ten frames. 

Notice the beach theme? Can you tell I'm getting excited for summer?!

Our high-stakes test for 3rd-6th graders is next week so we've had a Spirit Week to get everyone pumped! Tuesday was Crazy Sock Day and I bought these gems for my assistant and I.
Its a blurry picture...but can you see the alligator teeth and flamingo beak? Too cute! 

Monday is the finale, our Soul Train program. All the teachers have to make fools of themselves perform. In the next 4 days I have to learn how to dance like they did on Soul Train. I'm an 80s baby so I know nothing about the 70s or Soul Train (that's when it was on, right?) and I have no rhythm, I mean can't even do the cha cha slide...this ought to be hilarious!

Okay, it wasn't so long after all. I'll be back tomorrow with an update on Writer's Workshop. Happy Wednesday y'all!

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  1. I love your beach stations and that kinders can be independent at them:) Are they for sale or downloadable anywhere?

  2. love love all your beachy stuff!! I agree with Megan - I'm going to have to go scope out your TpT store!
    Rowdy in Room 300

    1. Y'all are too sweet! I plan on putting the pack in my TPT store but I can't stop adding to it! I'll try to have it in my store this weekend :)

  3. I love the Sandy Syllables Sort and can't wait to purchase it. I wanted to look at other items from your store but the TPT link kept sending me to the home page.

    1. So sorry about that! I just tried fixing it but its not working for me either...anyway, heres the direct link and this should work :)
      Littlest Scholars TPT Store


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