St. Patrick's Day Sale!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and my sister's birthday tomorrow, I'm throwing a sale. All the goodies in my TPT shop are 20% through tomorrow! I'm also working on my Spring Math and Literacy Pack that is already over 60 pages...get excited! Click any of the pictures below to take you to my shop...

You can get my DIYSpace Kid Spacers for $.80

or my Monster Munch Subtraction Game (also for $.80)

or if it is a Monster Math Pack you can get this over 80 page pack for $3.20! It includes station or center activities for ten frame fun, addition, subtraction, time to the hour and half hour, tally marks, AND the Monster Munch Subtraction is included! 

Don't forget to wear green!

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  1. Hey, Jessica! I just read your comment on my blog! You are right! We need to have a get together for Mississippi bloggers! I know there are at least 5 of us! That's enough for a party!! Let's shoot for this summer!! Would love to meet all of you in person!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade


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