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I love love love using websites, online games, powerpoint presentations (sadly, no SmartBoard for me!) in my class. I made a list of my absolute favorite FREE websites and I hope you are able to use them in your class as well.  And now, in no particular order, I present...

1.  Watch Know Learn

This website is just fabulous! You can search educational videos by topic, subject, student age range, etc. You can even create a class page and send the link to your students so they can access the videos from home. The BEST part is that you can install the WatchKnowLearn bookmarklet (similar to the pinterest Pin It button I know you have in your web browser!) and you can add any video from the internet to This is fantastic because it seems that everything great I find online is blocked by my school district, but is not. 

2.  Mrs. Perkins

She has wonderful sight word powerpoint presentations for Dolch Sight Words that include narration! You just set your little sweetie in front of the computer and they can practice sight words independently. See the little speaker in the bottom left corner? Kiddos can click that and have the sight word read to them. Just magical! 

3.  Mr. Harry Kindergarten

Who doesn't love Mr. Harry? He has great videos covering a variety of topics and my kids just love to dance and sing along! Of course, youtube is blocked at school so I just use my handy WatchKnowLearn bookmarklet to send the video on over to so I can access it from school. 

4.  We Give Books

Good books and a good cause? Love it! The premise is simple, for every book members read online, We Give Books donates a book to a child who doesn't have one. Reading a book on the website is very similar to reading a book on a kindle or iPad, you can turn the pages and everything!

5. Storyline Online

Listen and watch celebs reading classic children's books. Perfect! 

6. Sheppard Software
This lovely site is blocked at my school, so I hope its not blocked at yours. This website has a plethora of kindergarten games including numbers, shapes, colors, and ABCs as well as games for each subject and grade level. Be sure to check it out! 

That's all folks! I'm sure there are plenty of amazing websites that I have neglected to mention, so if you know of one please share in a comment below! 

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