About Littlest Scholars

My belief that children become who we tell them they are inspired the name of this blog, Littlest Scholars. I call the children in my class scholars because that is how I want them to view themselves--constantly learning, growing, thinking, and developing. There are days where my patience is tested and the stress of this profession seems insurmountable but I keep this belief at the forefront of my mind. It my goal that each child who enters my classroom knows how capable, intelligent, and important they are. 

I started this blog in 2011 as a way to connect and share with other educators. I love to learn and more importantly  love to help other teachers, so I hope Littlest Scholars is a place you'll visit often.

About Jessica 

I'm an early childhood educator, wife, and mom. I have a degree in Child Development, a Masters in Education, and National Board Certification in Early Childhood. I'm a native Californian who now lives in North Mississippi with my husband--who is also an educator--our toddler son, and two rescue dogs.

When I'm not blogging, you might find me watching true crime shows with an iced coffee in hand. I  also enjoy thrifting, DIY projects around my house, and crafting.

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